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I don't offer just "standard of care" I offer care ABOVE the standard!

In office Visits & Online Consultations
Helping you anywhere you're at!

Have you been looking for a doctor that treats you holistically and has the expertise to help you address ALL your symptoms?  Are you looking for true healing? The kind of healing where you feel 'yourself again'? I want that for you too. 

Working with a naturopathic doctor means getting the best of conventional medicine and natural therapies in one.


You deserve the care, attention, and knowledge of a naturopathic doctor. I've dedicated my career to  helping people just like you get their health back so you live your best life. And I mean it!

This is not quick fix medicine. It's heal you from the inside out medicine. It's root cause medicine. It's find out everything that's going on and show you how to fix it medicine. It's intelligent clinical practice meets empathy and caring medicine.

It's medicine designed for YOU.

I'm passionate about helping my patients restore their health so they can do what they love! Happy and healthy people change the world. :)

Want to learn more about how I can help? You can book a 15 minute discovery call to discuss your health and see if it's a good fit!

Or read more about what to expect from online consults here. Or, if you want to work with me in person learn more here.

There is a way to improve your mast cell response and decrease histamine related symptoms. 

Women's Health

Common conditions addressed:

- Painful menses

- PCOS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids

- Chronic yeast infections, recurrent UTIs

- Hormone imbalance

- Hot flashes, vaginal dryness

Diabetes &

Weight Management

Type II Diabetes is reversible. I help people heal their diabetes & help people maintain a healthy weight.

Helping you search for the root cause & underlying contributors to your dysautonomia/POTS. 

Men's Health

Common conditions addressed:

- Low libido

- Low testosterone


- Low muscle mass, poor vitality

Holistic Elder Care

Providing care & support to the aging population. Helping your loved ones get symptomatic relief & improve quality of life. Learn more here.

Comprehensive lab testing to fully assess your thyroid health.

Hashimoto's, Grave's disease, thyroid nodules, and subclinical hypothyroidism all addressed.

Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death among older adults in the US. Improving cardiovascular health is integral to a long & happy life!

Liver & Gastrointestinal Issues

Helping patients with chronic liver disease, gall bladder issues, and chronic GI symptoms. You have many options to help you heal.

Autoimmune Disease

Many autoimmune diseases are seen at WNC including, but not limited to: RA, Lupus, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's disease

I work with your to modulate you immune system, heal your body, & restore optimal health.

You will get a comprehensive plan to help you heal combining the use of botanical medicine, diet changes, psychotherapy, hormone modulation, restoring nutrient status, and medications when needed.

The "no one can figure it out" issues.

Feel like you've been to all the doctors and tried all the things? Feel like doctors have given up on you or don't have anything else to offer?

You are why I became a doctor. I can help.

Natural Medicine
Williams Naturopathic Consulting
2121 S Mill Ave, Suite 217
Tempe, AZ 85282

Ph 480.788.7453 - Fax 833.275.2057
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