Integrative Primary Care


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Integrative Primary Care

Combining Modern medicine and Naturopathic Therapies- the best of both worlds!

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Medical Diagnosis

First and foremost is clinical investigation. If you have new or chronic concerns that need clinical work-up, my new patient visits are one hour. An extensive health history will be obtained, as well as, a physical exam and any pertinent labs & imaging. It’s imperative we know the what behind any symptoms you’re having so we can explain the why! Admittedly, clinical investigation is one of my favorite parts of being a doctor. I can guarantee that I’ll use all my tools to investigate and find the root cause of your health concerns, so we can get you feeling great! (Because just “okay” is unacceptable.)

What kind of patients do you see?

I see all sorts of patients. Just like you! Anything from fatigue, hormone issues, wellness visits, screening visits, the common cold, to chronic illness.

However, I do specialize in working with autoimmune disease, gastrointestinal disease, thyroid issues, women's health, men's health, and older adults.

Natural Medicine
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How about we get you to amazing?

I don’t think we are in this world to feel “fine” or “okay”. We were made to feel “great!” and “amazing!”. The better we feel the more we can do and be in this world—for our families, our friends, our community, and ourselves.  The more energy we have to accomplish great things, to think great thoughts, to make amazing creations, and to live an extraordinary life. Each of us was made to be more. Let me help you feel amazing!

Holistic Treatment

In order to create optimal health, multiple aspects of you must be addressed. You are a summation of everything that goes into your body, that feeds your mind, the environment you live in, and much more! All of this is factored into your treatment plan so you get actionables that treat the whole person. 

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Herb Plants

Custom Botanical Formulas-- created just for you!

When coming to see me, you’ll likely get a prescription for a botanical formulation created specifically for you and your health concerns. Just like medications have mechanisms of action that work in the body, so do herbs and their herbal constituents. In fact, many of the medications used today were originally derived from plants. However, plants are often safer and have fewer to no side effects. Herbal formulations can pair multiple different herbs for your specific conditions & health goals. I think that’s pretty neat! Don’t you?


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