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Hello there! 

I’m Dr. Williams, the doctor behind Williams Naturopathic Consulting. It’s my job to get you feeling better. Moreover, get you feeling amazing. Life is too short to not feel your best and your health is truly where it all starts.


Life is for living! Living fully.

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Natural Medicine

What kind of patients do you see?

I see all sorts of patients. Just like you! Anything from fatigue, hormone issues, wellness visits, screening visits, the common cold, to chronic illness.


However, I do specialize in working with autoimmune disease, gastrointestinal disease, thyroid issues, women's health, men's health, and older adults.

How about we get you to amazing?

I don’t think we are in this world to feel “fine” or “okay”. We were made to feel “great!” and “amazing!”. The better we feel the more we can do and be in this world—for our families, our friends, our community, and ourselves.  The more energy we have to accomplish great things, to think great thoughts, to make amazing creations, and to live an extraordinary life. Each of us was made to be more. Let me help you feel amazing!

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Holistic Treatment

In order to create optimal health, multiple aspects of you must be addressed. You are a summation of everything that goes into your body, that feeds your mind, the environment you live in, and much more! All of this is factored into your treatment plan so you get actionables that treat the whole person. 

Why work with me?

One of the biggest benefits working with a Naturopathic Doctor is time. You have time dedicated specifically to you. You don’t wait in long lines and only get 10 minutes to spend with me. Your initial appointment is an hour long and geared toward ensuring your health history and concerns are fully discussed so that your care is individualized


The power of what I do is in looking at you and your health as a whole. We will discuss your current health, your family history, your environments, dietary habits, and even mental/emotional health. Everything is interconnected and should be factored into how your body is functioning to make sure we get you to optimal health


I truly care about each one of my patients as human beings, you’re not ‘just another chart’. I want you to improve your health so everything in your life gets better. Your health is where everything stems from and I will work diligently to help you improve it. You can read more about that here.

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