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Work with me online!

It’s hard to find a good doctor. Even harder to find one that looks at you holistically and has the expertise to help you address ALL your symptoms. I get it! 


That’s why I started offering online consultations. 


If you can’t come see me in Arizona, then you can still get the benefits of naturopathic medicine and my years of experience.

You deserve the care, attention, and knowledge of a naturopathic doctor. I've dedicated my career to  helping people just like you get their health back so they can live their best life. And I mean it!

I help you figure out exactly what's going on and help you fix it. From the inside out. 

YOU are unique and so is your plan. All aspects of your physical health, mental health, and longterm goals are factored in. 

I'm more than your naturopathic consultant.

I care about you. I will work hard to find answers and will

go the extra mile to ensure you get quality care.

I don't offer "standard of care" I offer care ABOVE the standard.

Your workup-

You'll get the most thorough health assessment you've ever had.


I have a mindset for prevention and a goal to help all my patients heal and get optimally healthy. That’s why I take the time to learn all about your current symptoms and your entire health history.

We spend 90 minutes your first session discussing ALL ASPECTS of your health, so I know what to focus on now AND what to help you try and prevent later.

Amazing health includes planning for the long-term!

After your first visit I'll recommend labs-

We'll take a look at your hormones and make a plan to correct imbalances.

Your metabolic health will be assessed in detail. ALL the biomarkers to look at glucose control, diabetes, insulin resistance, etc. We'll also investigate cardiac health.

You'll be assessed for autoimmunity, as well as, any underlying levels of inflammation that may contribute to disease. (AND assess the current state of your autoimmune condition if you have one.)

Nutrient deficiencies will be screened for so we know you have optimal levels of B vitamins, iron, and vitamin D.

I'll look at your thyroid & adrenals to make sure we have a full and complete picture of YOU.

When needed I may also recommend specialty tests that help assess for issues with metabolism, candida, poor gut health, mycotoxins (mold), chronic viral illness, and even environmental toxicants.

AND, then we fix it! You'll be given a detailed and targeted plan unique to YOU. 

Unique to your health history, current health status, and goals.

Doctor's Desk
What to expect?
  • Initial comprehensive visit is 90 minutes

  • Follow-up visits are 40-45 minutes, with option to extend if you need the hour

  • ​After EACH visit you will receive a unique plan emailed to you w/ recommendations & resources.

  • My response time is <48 hours M-F. 

  • The support, attentiveness, and thorough assessment you've always wanted. I am on your team and I truly want to help you feel your absolute BEST!

There are some things

I cannot do as your online consultant-

  • I can’t formally diagnose you with a disease if acting as your consultant. (But I can if you work with me in Arizona!)

  • I can’t order imaging or prescribe medications. 

  • I can’t serve as your primary care provider or doctor. 

  • If you need acute care you need to have a local doctor to see & assess you.


BUT, I still can help you

with a LOT of things.

  • I can order labs (see that list above under 'the workup') and make recommendations on which labs are best for you. 

  • If I order them I have excellent private pay prices -OR- you can go back to your local PCP and see if they will order them for you if you’d like to try using your insurance. (Note: this applies to US residents, not all countries allow lab kits to be sent to you.)

  • Initial screening labs will cost about $400. If cost is an issue for labs we can start with the basics (~$200) and expand from there. But doing the comprehensive screening is always recommended.

  • I can help you investigate root causes to chronic symptoms or illness.

  • I can help you modify your diet, supplement protocol, and other targeted lifestyle interventions to get you feeling better. 

  • I can help interpret labs and consult on imaging, your health diagnosis, and develop the most optimal plan to get you better.

Ready to schedule?
**New patient appointments are now booking 2 mos out**

First Visit Only ($595)​

  • New Online Client visit (90 min)

  • You will get a comprehensive initial visit, recommended lab list, & targeted plan. 

  • Follow-up visits: $250 (40-45 min)

  • Labs not included

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Basic New Client

Package ($1020)​

  • Initial visit (90 min)

  • TWO follow-ups (40-45 min)

  • Direct access messaging w/ me between visits for brief questions.

  • 10% off supplement discount on first 3 orders

  • This is best for getting started! You'll get your first visit and 2 follow-ups to jumpstart your path to healing. :)

  • Additional follow-ups: $250 (40-45 min)

  • Saves >$75 in visit fees & supplements.

  • Labs not included

Radiant Health Package 🦋 ($2150)​

  • Payment plan! $1100 setup fee then $350 for 3 mos

  • Initial visit (90 min)

  • Three (3) follow-ups 

  • Comprehensive screening labs included - Over $800 value! (hormones, CBC, CMP, genetic markers, autoimmune panel, nutritional markers, cardiac panel, diabetes panel)

  • Direct access messaging w/ me between visits for brief questions.

  • 15% OFF your first (3) three supplement orders.

  • This is a great option if you know you'll need a couple visits to work through your health concerns.

  • Saves >$400 on visit fees, labs, & supplement orders.

  • **Screening labs as listed above included. Additional fee for specialty labs like stool testing, viral testing, lyme panel, etc

  • **United States residents ONLY

Not ready to schedule yet? But want to chat and see if we are a good fit?

You can book a 15 minute discovery

call with me. 

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