Online Consultations

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Online consultations are a great way to work with me if you are unable to make in-office visits or establish care in Arizona* I serve as a naturopathic consultant for clients that already have a primary care physician on their healthcare team.

You'll fill out a detailed health questionnaire that covers your medical history and health goals. This is reviewed before your initial consultation which is one hour virtual portal. I learn all about your health! This initial visit helps me tailor recommendations specifically to YOU. Everyone is different and your recommendations are unique to you. 

Online consultations mean you get access to the power of naturopathic medicine anywhere you are! It's a form of healthcare that sees you holistically, addresses the root cause of illness, and empowers you to take charge of your health. I work directly with you to improve whatever health conditions you have, as well as, to serve as a guide to ensure you are on the right track with getting appropriate lab testing and assessments for monitoring current health conditions and prevention of others.

One of the biggest benefits of working with a naturopathic doctor is the amount of time I will spend with you. I get to know you and your health challenges in depth so that you receive quality recommendations and discussion. Explaining the science behind your health conditions and how to address them is also a big part of what I do. Knowing what's going on with your body is imperative to healing and making impactful lifestyle changes. 

*See In-office Visits & Telemedicine under Services for more information.