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The Team

Who We Are

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Dr. Williams

Naturopathic Doctor & Clinic Owner

Learn more about Dr. Williams HERE.

"Hello there! I'm Dr. Williams, the doctor behind Williams Naturopathic Consulting. I help people get optimally healthy for a living & I love my job!"

Lindsey Nunez

Virtual Medical Assistant

"Hi, I'm Lindsay, a virtual medical assistant. I have always been passionate about helping others, which is why I find my role in the healthcare industry so fulfilling. For me, it is a privilege to support healthcare providers in providing the best care possible to their patients. Overall, working in healthcare is a fulfilling and meaningful path that offers a sense of purpose and the opportunity to positively impact patients' lives. When I'm not working, I enjoy leisure photography and spending quality time with my family."


Taylor Brune

Virtual Medical Assistant

"Hi, my name is Taylor and I am a virtual Medical Assistant. I have a passion for healing and all things medicine. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Integrative Health and have seen not only my life and health, but many of my loved ones’ lives become transformed with Integrative and Naturopathic Medicine. I feel a part of my calling is to contribute to patient’s lives where they feel seen, heard, valued, and supported. When I am not working, I love to read, write, and spend time with my loved ones and toy poodle, Charlie. I am looking forward to helping you in your journey to healing."

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