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Hello there!

I’m so glad you are here. I’m Dr. Williams, the doctor behind Williams Naturopathic Consulting. I help people just like YOU get optimally healthy for a living and I absolutely love my job!

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My Mission

My family has numerous chronic health issues, I lost my mother due to cancer in my 30s, and I have experienced autoimmunity, dysautonomia, mold illness, and mast cell issues myself. It's been a tremendous journey of healing! When you experience illness yourself and in your loved ones it changes who you are as a doctor. While I can't say I'm glad I've experienced all these things, I am grateful that they have helped me be a better clinical investigator, versatile in my patient assessment, and a more compassionate physician. 

My mission is to bring the same level of compassionate care, thorough assessment, and attention I would want for my own family and myself. My patients are not numbers on a chart but people I come to know and deeply care about. Helping them improve their health, wellness, and recover from chronic illness is why I love my job. 

"We are all just walking each other home." -Ram Dass

In Arizona, I work with patients in office or via telemedicine. I also offer online consultations nationwide and internationally.


Naturopathic Medicine

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What is a Naturopathic Doctor?

A Naturopathic Doctor is a clinically trained healthcare professional. After obtaining a 4-year bachelor's degree with science pre-requisites, they complete a 4-year medical program at one of the naturopathic schools in the US or Canada. The first 2 years of training are similar to DO/MDs and involve anatomy, physiology, human pathophysiology, and pharmacology. The second 2 years involve learning holistic ways of helping the body heal including (but not limited to) nutrition, botanical medicine, targeted nutrient supplementation, genetic evaluation, and comprehensive lab analysis. In licensed states, scope of practice varies. In Arizona, my scope of practice is similar to traditional primary care physicians and I can prescribe medications, order labs & imaging, and diagnose patients. 

Why work with me?

Naturopathic Medicine is truly a different kind of medicine, and I'd posit, it's likely the kind of medicine and care you've been looking for. You just didn't know it existed. Every ND is different and we all have our strengths. I've trained as a primary care because I like being a generalist that knows a lot about many different things, this means I'm a better healthcare provider for my patients. And, for my more complex cases it means I'm more adept at navigating all their specialists, numerous symptoms, and various diagnoses. My goal is to provide the best care possible- to help you find answers AND solutions-- to be the doctor I always wished my family had. Where science and compassion meet. I will help you and won't give up on you if you are ready to put in the work to heal.


"The practice of medicine is an art, not a trade: a calling not a business; a calling in which your heart will be exercised equally with your head. Often the best part of your work will have nothing to do with powders or potions, but with the exercise of an influence of the strong upon the weak, the righteous upon the wicked, the wise upon the foolish". -William Osler

Education & Training

  • Bachelor's of Science, Psychology, Texas A&M University, summa cum laude

  • Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, Sonoran University (formerly SCNM)

    • Completion of NPLEX I & II naturopathic medical board examinations

  • Arizona-licensed Naturopathic Doctor​

  • 2-year CNME-approved General Medicine Naturopathic Residency, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

  • 300+ hours shadowing in Emergency Medicine

  • Continuing Medical Education (CME), completed yearly to maintain licensure

Common conditions addressed

  • Women’s Health

    • Painful menses, Hormone Imbalance, Heavy Menstrual Flow, Painful Intercourse, Low Libido, Low Fertility

    • Menopause, Peri-menopause. Hot Flashes, Insomnia, Fatigue, Osteoporosis etc

  • Men's Health

    • Low libido, low testosterone, BPH​

  • Cardiovascular issues

    • Hypertension, varicose veins, venous insufficiency, history or risk of heart attacks, pericarditis​

  • Liver disease

  • Diabetes, Metabolic disease

  • Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue

  • Mental Health Issues

    • Anxiety, depression, panic attacks​

  • Thyroid issues

    • Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism

    • Hashimoto’s, Grave’s disease

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