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Dysautonomia & Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

Do you have dysautonomia? Have you been diagnosed with POTS? I know how hard, and often debilitating, these conditions can be for people. 

AND, it's even harder when you don't know what to do to get better! That's where I come in.

I've been working with these health conditions for many years. While they are not easy to treat, they are treatable. But in order for me to help you, you have to want to dig deep, to try things, and be ready to heal.

Common symptoms
  • Exercise intolerance

  • Digestive issues, abdominal pain

  • Brain fog

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Syncopal episodes (fainting)

  • Chest pain and shortness of breath

  • Rapid heart rate

  • Inability to regulate blood pressure

  • Very low blood pressure -or- jumps in blood pressure

  • Anxiety, depression

The approach-

Every patient with dysautonomia is unique. And, you are treated as such.

My job is to figure out why YOUR body went rogue. Why it stopped regulating it's autonomic nervous system like it's supposed to.

There are MANY things that trigger dysautonomia, and POTS in particular, and there are many things that make it worse and perpetuate it.

I liken it to a wheel. You get caught up in this wheel and it keeps spinning and spinning. The faster it spins the harder it is for you to get off the wheel. 

So I work to find which "things" are causing your wheel to spin.

For example- mold illness, viral illnesses, environmenal toxicants, food allergies, autoimmunity, bacterial dysbiosis, hormonal imbalance, are just a few things that can trigger dysautonomia. We can test for them and treat them.

What to expect?
  • Comprehensive initial visit- we talk about your dysautonomia AND all of you other health concerns and symptoms. It's all connected and I want to know everything so I don't miss anything.

  • Targeted plan after each visit. AND, I expect you to try what we discuss. I know it's hard when you feel like crap, I only recommend what I think you can handle. :) It's a marathon not a race, but you can win this race! 

  • If you haven't had a complete workup I'll likely refer you to a specialist so you can get this done. Yes, we can get started without this BUT you get the best care if we have all the information!

  • Plans include a variety of recommendations, again, all specific to you. They can range from supplements, specific dietary interventions, exercises, home care, to IV therapy or discussion of different pharmaceutical interventions.

Two ways to work with me-


Some patients choose to fly out to see me in Arizona. With my AZ license I can act as your doctor for up to one year after seeing you in person. So you can do you initial visit in Arizona and all subsequent visits be telemedicine if needed.

This means-​

  • I can order labs and imaging.

  • I can write referrals and work directly with your specialists.

  • You can submit your super bills for visits to insurance if you choose. 

  • I can prescribe medications if I think they're indicated.

  • Many labs I order may be covered by your insurance.

  • I can perform an in office physical exam & assessment.

  • I can change your medication list if I think it's necessary. 


Online Consulting

*Outside the state of AZ or International

If you'd like to work with me without establishing in Arizona, I can be your online consultant. I 100% can still help you! And, this is actually the predominate way I work with most dysautonomia patients now. 

But there are a couple differences-

  • I can’t formally diagnose you with a disease if acting as your consultant. (But I can if you work with me in Arizona!)

  • I can’t order imaging or prescribe medications. 

  • I can’t serve as your primary care provider or doctor. 

  • You can't submit your visits to insurance and no labs I order will be covered by insurance.

  • If you need acute care you need to have a local doctor to see & assess you.

But I can still-

  • I can order certain labs like assessing blood counts, hormones, viruses, lyme, autoimmunity, cardiovascular health, and more!

  • I have excellent private pay prices and I don’t mark them up. OR you can go back to your local PCP and see if they will order them for you if you’d like to try using your insurance.

  • I can help you investigate root causes.

  • I can help you modify your diet, supplement protocol, and other targeted lifestyle interventions to get you feeling better. 

  • I can help interpret labs and consult on imaging, your health diagnosis, and develop the most optimal plan to get you better.

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