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Mental Health

Supporting you in healing anxiety & depression.

First off, please know you're not alone. Millions of people across the world have mental health issues. It can feel really isolating for many, but know that there is not only hope but healing is possible!

Naturopathic medicine is likely exactly what you've been looking for if you haven't found success with medications -OR- if you're looking for a more holistic approach.

My practice combines both natural therapies & medications when needed. But my focus is always to help heal the root cause and support you in optimal health in mind, body, & spirit.

Ways Naturopathic Medicine can help you:
  • Assess for any underlying causes worsening your mental health

  • Optimize hormone levels for optimal mood

  • Regulate neurotransmitter production 

  • Increase gut health and nutritional status which directly impact mental health

  • Decrease chronic inflammation that may be causing neuro-inflammation contributing to poor mood

  • Offering natural therapies like supplements, botanical medicine, and targeted lifestyle change 

  • Help you navigate the best treatments for you

  • Assess for drug interactions & supplement-drug interactions to keep you safe

The approach-

You are unique and treated as such. Every recommendation is individual to you and your health history.

During your initial consultation we will discuss your mental health history and other aspects of your overall health. You'll be given basic recommendations after the first consultation. After labs & workup we'll go over a more comprehensive plan at your follow-up. 

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What to expect?
  • Comprehensive initial visit- we talk about your mental health AND all of you other health concerns and symptoms. It's all connected and I want to know everything so I don't miss anything.

  • Targeted plan after each visit. AND, I expect you to try what we discuss. I know it's hard when you don't feel well. I'll support you through it.

  • Labs- screening bloodwork and specialty labs like stool testing, organic acids testing, etc will be ordered after your first consultation.

  • Plans include a variety of recommendations, again, all specific to you. They can range from supplements, specific dietary interventions, exercises, home care, to IV therapy or discussion of different pharmaceutical interventions.

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