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Holistic Elder Care

Supporting your loved ones with naturopathic medicine

It can become difficult for family and friends to help their loved ones find the support they need while they age, are placed in assisted living, or receiving palliative treatments. That’s where I come in.




As a naturopathic doctor, I am trained to treat the whole person and support their health no matter what circumstance. A big part of what I do is filling in the gaps of care and supporting holistic assessment. I make sure that nutrient levels are optimal, find ways to optimize nutrition, provide natural and pharmaceutical pain therapies, help improve digestion (constipation is so common, and easy to treat!), as well as, support healthy immune function and cognition. 


Our elders are our source of wisdom, memory, and love, they should be cared for as they once cared for us. This is the mindset I bring to my care of your loved one. 


When I make house calls I come directly to my patients to provide in-person care. It is harder for the elderly to navigate telemedicine and in-person visits ensure face-to-face care and an in-person physical exam. I also provide in-person naturopathic therapies that boost vitality, immune function, digestion, and reduce pain like acupuncture and constitutional hydrotherapy.

**Please note that naturopathic visits or lab orders are not covered by medicare. All services are self-pay. I order labs through Patient’s Choice laboratories as they have mobile phlebotomy services and excellent cash-pay pricing.

Senior Patient with Walker
Enjoying a Meal
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