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Gastrointestinal issues are common complaints. The CSA profile helps assess for signs of dysbiotic bacteria and yeast that may be contributing to symptoms. It identifies various types of organisms, both beneficial, commensal, and pathogenic. It also includes antimicrobial susceptibility testing showing which medications or herbal supplements may be effective in addressing them. Biomarkers found in stool are also tested to ensure stool quality is optimal.


See a sample report here. 

Comprehensive Stool Analysis

    • A stool testing kit will be mailed to you after purchase. It typically takes 2-3 business days after purchase to be mailed. You will collect your stool sample as instructed in the testing kit instruction sheet & send back to the lab via the prepaid shipping label. 
    • Your date of birth is requested in order to order the test & have results sent to the lab. If you are ordering this test for someone else, please provide their DOB & note their name in the space provided (eg name).
    • Once your results are complete you will be emailed the results. 
    • This purchase does NOT include a consultation w/ Dr. Williams.
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