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Optimal Health

One of the reasons I chose a career in naturopathic medicine was because of its strong focus on preventative medicine and health optimization. Our bodies are the conduits in which we see and experience the world. The healthier our bodies are the better our lives can be. While I will admit, I think perspective is a big part of enjoying life, how we are functioning physiologically directly impacts so many aspects of our being. 


So, what can naturopathic medicine do for you? Whether you have chronic health conditions or are generally “healthy” a naturopathic assessment looks into all aspects of your body. During an initial appointment I will be assessing risk factors for disease, looking for nuanced symptoms that may suggest suboptimal functioning of various organ systems, evaluating your current health status, and making recommendations for comprehensive labs. I’ll look at basic labs commonly done by your primary care physician with the lens of functional medicine to ensure all biomarkers are optimal. Additionally, I’ll likely recommend looking at your hormonal health, thyroid function, assessment of autoimmune markers, gastrointestinal markers, and inflammatory markers.


The goal is always to make sure your body is working at its absolute best! This ensures you have good energy, mental health, relationships, physical fitness, a healthy libido, assimilate nutrients all your nutrients best, and decrease your risk for developing or worsening chronic health conditions. 


There is a saying “live long but die young” which is apt for my goals for you (and myself!). To be healthy and vibrant all of our lives! 


Please reach out with any questions or if you’d like to get started!

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