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Membership Packages

I've had a couple clients call me their "medical quarterback". While I've never played football, I can honestly say I am definitely a medical quarterback. If you speak to any of the clients I've worked with or read my reviews, hopefully you'll gather that not only am I good at what I do but I love what I do. Being a doctor and helping people (just like you!), improve your health and embrace the joy of living is part of my purpose. Let me help you get to amazing so you can spend more time doing what you love to do! Life is too short not to!

This service is only for clients outside the state of Arizona or International. If you are an Arizona resident please see my scheduling page


Why a membership?

Naturopathic medicine best serves you if we meet regularly. As your health concerns and goals change, the plan will change and pivot to suit your needs. Sometimes we'll need to meet more regularly to overcome more significant health issues. Additionally, I also serve as your accountability consultant and help you navigate how ways to improve diet, exercise, energy, motivation, etc along the way. Memberships allow you to invest in yourself. YOU are important and should value all aspects of who you are. Let's get to it!

Direct access. Attentive care.

Why not have your own medical quarterback? Let me worry about your health so you don't have to. I pride myself in offering excellent healthcare. I'm always thinking a couple steps ahead so we can not only work together to correct illness but also to prevent it

Different membership packages let you pick how closely you'd like to work together. 


Membership perks.

In additional to your high quality care, you'll receive discounted rates on follow-ups, supplements, and more advanced screening protocols. Entrepreneur and Executive package members will receive priority scheduling and additional add-on services like ebooks, health trackers, and complementary supplement reviews.

The Healthy Reset Package: 4 months

  • $415/month for 4 months

    Services provided

    • 1 comprehensive initial consultation

    • 3 follow-up consultations

    • Individualized plans specific to you with detailed instructions.

    • Priority scheduling

    • Call, text, or email Dr. Williams and she will respond to you personally within 1 business day.

    • 15% off additional visits if greater frequency desired 

    • ​*Lab fees and supplements costs not included


Schedule Healthy Reset Package:

This plan is best for individuals wanting to keep a close eye on their health so they can optimize their life. Reach out if you have questions throughout the process and I'll help you troubleshoot along the way so you don't have to wait until your next consultation. Direct access to your naturopathic quarter back so we keep you on track and propel you to the next level.

The Executive Package: 6 months

  • $625/month

  • Services provided

    • 1 comprehensive initial consultation

    • 5 follow-up consultations (meet every month!)

    • Lab analysis spreadsheet that tracks your blood work markers for easy reference, review, and tracking progress.

    • Priority scheduling - Dr. Williams offers scheduling options outside regular office hours for Executive clients, weekends & evenings included.

    • Email check-ins by Dr. Williams twice per month to answer questions and  ensure you're on track!

    • Monthly Executive Plan newsletter, includes motivation, new research, links to Dr. Williams favorite health gadgets, and even exercise programing/fitness ideas.

    • Unlimited call, text, or email Dr. Williams and she will respond the same day. 

      • With any major changes or recommendations you’ll receive an updated treatment sheet after each call. 

    • 20% off additional visits each month if greater frequency desired 

    • 5% off all supplement purchases

    • ​*Lab fees and supplements costs not included 


Schedule your Executive Package:

You are busy and highly motivated professional wanting to get healthy. Or, you have chronic illnesses and need a dedicated naturopathic doctor to help guide your healing on a month-to-month bases. You want direct access to naturopathic care and want someone to work with you closely to help you stay on track and navigate any hiccups along the way. You appreciate being able to speak with your naturopathic consultant when you need to and not have to wait for an appointment. You also appreciate data tracking and regular check-ins. 

Let's get started and get you to amazing!

I'm in! Let's get started

What are the next steps?

  • Schedule your first consultation using the links provided.

  • You will receive an email with New Client paperwork that must be completed 48 hours before your initial consultation. Dr. Williams reviews this in depth before your initial consultation to discuss your health goals in great detail. YOU are the priority.

  • If you have any labs completed in the last 6 mos, upload them to your online portal and they will be reviewed before your initial consultation. 

  • Get excited!! You are taking charge of your health and now you have someone that will believe in you and support you along the way!


Can I work with you in Arizona and become a patient? What are the benefits of this?

Yes, if you fly out to Arizona to establish care as a patient in person instead of just a client (eg consulting) then I can order labs, imaging, and prescribe medications. Labs and imaging are sometimes covered by insurance in this way.  I must physically see you in person once per year thereafter. Additionally, patient visit invoices can be submitted to insurance for reimbursement if your service offers this. Please call the office or setup a 15 minute consultation if you'd like to learn more about this!

Membership FAQ

Do you offer per consultation pricing?

Yes, I do. If you purchase the basic plan and would like to continue working with me on an as needed basis we can do so per consultation.

Do I have to meet with you every month?

Nope! Only if you need to. It's always recommended we meet regularly the first 3 mos to ensure you're on track.

Are labs included in the plan?

No, labs are not included in these plans. You will need to self-order labs locally or ask your primary care physician to order your labs.

Are you covered by insurance?

No, I am not covered by insurance. But, this means that my service is not governed by the dictates of insurance companies. My recommendations are unique to you!

Can you interpret labs, imaging, and speciality labwork?

Yes. I'm a medically-trained doctor licensed in Arizona. I can help you interpret medical information and discuss ways to help improve your health.

Can I use Dr. Williams as my primary care physician?

No. If you are working with me out-of-state or internationally I only serve as a health consultant. You will need a local physician to manage physical exams or and urgent health conditions that require in person care.