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The "Get me to amazing!" Program

Hello there!

Are you craving something more out of life? Craving better health? Have you been thinking there is a vibrancy within you that you just don't know how to tap into?

Wanting MORE energy? MORE vitality? MORE enthusiasm for life?

I want that for you too. :) That's why I made this program.​ To help people just like YOU.

This is the program for YOU. To invest in you. To change your health. To turn back the clock & restore your mind, body, and spirit!

Plus you get you own personal concierge naturopathic doctor 100% dedicated to YOU.

Have you been trying to make progress with your health and just not seeing results? 

Feel like you've tried everything and still not where you want to be?

You are not alone! I know I can help you if you're ready to go all in.

I take the guesswork out by doing comprehensive one-on-one visits, targeted labs, and plans that get you results. 

Your symptoms are real and so is the reality that you can feel AMAZING!!

Fantastic energy. A strong body. A happy mind & spirit. Feeling confident. It's all yours!

I help you figure out exactly what's going on and help you fix it. From the inside out. 

YOU are unique and so is your plan. All aspects of your physical health, mental health, and longterm goals are factored in. 

I'm more than your doctor.

I legit believe in YOU and the power of YOUR body, mind, and spirit to heal!

Because whatever you're dealing with, we can get you feeling better!

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Your workup-

You'll get the most thorough health assessment you've ever had in your life!!! 

I cannot get you to amazing if I don't know everything about your health and how to help you from day one. YOU are the priority!

We spend 90 minutes your first session discussing ALL ASPECTS of you health, so I know what to focus on now AND what to help you try and prevent later.

Amazing health includes planning for the long-term!

After your first visit I'll order labs-

We'll take a look at your hormones and make a plan to correct imbalances.

Your metabolic health will be assessed in detail. ALL the biomarkers to look at glucose control, diabetes, insulin resistance, etc. We'll also investigate cardiac health.

You'll be assessed for autoimmunity, as well as, any underlying levels of inflammation that may contribute to disease. (AND assess the current state of your autoimmune condition if you have one.)

Genetic markers for MTHFR mutation, ApoE, and clotting factors will be run to assess for longterm risk factors so we can be proactive about now.

Nutrient deficiencies will be screened for so we know you have optimal levels of B vitamins, iron, and vitamin D.

I'll look at your thyroid & adrenals to make sure we have a full and complete picture of YOU.

You'll also get a Organic Acids Test (OAT) -OR- Comprehensive Stool Test which helps assess for issues with metabolism, candida, poor gut health, and even neurotransmitters.

AND, then we fix it! You'll be given a detailed and targeted plan unique to YOU. 

Unique to your health history, current health status, and goals.

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What's included?

​This is a 6 month program. That includes:

  • One (1) comprehensive 90 minute initial visit

  • Five (5) 40 minute follow-up visits (we can meet every month, or space it out as you'd like)

  • Priority scheduling - need an urgent appointment? I will fit you in that week!

  • ​After EACH visit you will receive a specific plan emailed to you w/ recommendations & resources.

  • Included: Initial screening labs & first set of follow-up labs, ONE Organic Acids test, and ONE Comprehensive Stool test (up to $1500 value)

    • Additional labs beyond this will be an added fee.​

  • Weekly check-in emails or a quick check in call directly from me to answer any questions that come up between visits.

  • My response time is <24 hours M-F. Message me anytime with questions.

  • 15% off ALL supplement orders x 1 year

  • The support, attentiveness, and thorough assessment you've always wanted. I promise you.

This program is right for YOU if...

You are ready to make life changes to heal to look & feel your absolute best!!

You want to prevent future illness and heal from any current health concerns.

You are seeking an expert in natural therapies and want long-term optimal health over quick fixes. 

You truly want to heal from the inside out. :)

You crave healing & a desire to be your absolute best self.

You know that improving your physical health means you'll see improvements in all aspects of your life. 

You're ready to change your life for OPTIMAL health, wellness, & vitality.

You're ready to find passion in your life again and LOVE your body.

Is this you? If it is, let's get started!!

The investment in YOU:

Total cost: $7,000

For a 6-month program with a dedicated naturopathic doctor supporting you every step of the way!

Spots are limited! Schedule before the program cycle closes March 1, 2022!

Save $300 by paying up front!

Initial setup fee ($2000) + 4 monthly payments ($1250) so you can get started now!

Who is Dr. Williams?

Hi there! I'm Dr. Williams, a licensed & clinically trained naturopathic doctor. 

I want you to win! I want you to feel your best! Like amazing, not just okay. We didn't come here to be "okay" or "fine". Like what? No!

Let's get you feeling amazing!! Life is too short not to. ;)

For some this means a couple tweaks and their energy is through the roof. Woohoo!

For others with chronic underlying issues it means I get to play detective. And, I won't quit until we have answers and you're improving. YOU deserve a happy & healthy life. I can help you, so long as you're ready to heal. ✨

While my practice is based in Arizona, I work with people all over the world! Outside of Arizona I work as your naturopathic consultant. I am your secret weapon to getting your health back!

I combine the best of both worlds having extensive training in both natural medicine & experience in conventional medicine. You can learn more my mission here.

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Education & Training

  • Bachelor's of Science, Psychology, Texas A&M University, summa cum laude

  • Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine 

    • Completion of NPLEX I & II naturopathic medical board examinations

  • Arizona-licensed Naturopathic Doctor​

  • 2-year CNME-approved General Medicine Naturopathic Residency, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

  • 300+ hours shadowing in Emergency Medicine

  • Continuing Medical Education (CME), completed yearly to maintain licensure

Get me to amazing!

I'm ready to get in the best health of my life!

Sign me up!

"the fine print"

Don't you hate it when businesses don't tell you all the things before you buy something? Me too! Here's everything you need to know on what to expect of your purchase.  

What it includes:
- This is a 6 month program that starts the date of purchase. 

- One (1) comprehensive 90 minute initial visit
- Five (5) 40 minute follow-up visits. We will meet 6 times total AND you'll be expected to implement your plan in between visits! I believe in you!
- Initial screening labs & first set of follow-up labs are included in this plan. You cannot use insurance with these labs, they are included w/in the package. Labs include blood labs and not speciality labs like stool tests, viral panels, lyme panels, etc.

- The plan only includes ONE organic acids test (OAT) and ONE Comprehensive Stool Test, if you'd like to repeat it then it will be an additional cost to you. 
- Specialty labs like environmental panels, stool tests, additional, OAT tests, etc are an added fee and not included in this package. 
- Weekly check-in emails directly from me to answer any questions. If questions require >10 minute time to respond then you will be required to wait until your follow-up or schedule an additional follow-up visit at an added cost OR use your follow-up credits.
- 15% off ALL supplement orders for the first 6 months following your initial visit. After the end of your package you will no longer get a discount.
- I will serve as your online naturopathic consultant and guide, if I think you may need additional imaging or care of a specialist I will guide you on where to go and how to get that done. If you are out of the state of Arizona then I may need to refer you to local doctors if your symptoms require in-person attention that I cannot offer.

- Out of the state of Arizona, I serve as a naturopathic consultant,  I cannot order or prescribe your medications should you need them. 

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Not ready to schedule yet? But want to chat and see if we are a good fit?