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Restorative Sleep Mini-Course

Get the information you need to improve your sleep quality, have restorative sleep, and know what actions to take to get your rest back.


  • Access to pre-recorded video modules by Dr. Williams, ND

  • Discussion of common causes of sleep issues (basically showing you what you need to dig deeper into to get healthy!!)

  • Discussion of sleep apnea, C-PAP, and alternatives

  • Review of natural interventions to improve sleep

  • Ways to optimize your sleep environment, routine, and overall circadian rhythm 

  • Tips on labs to ask your doctor about & common health issues that may be overlooked

Image by David Clode

Heal your SIBO Course!

Pre-sale now! Course goes live 04/04/2022

Sick and tired of chronic gas, bloating, and GI concerns? Think you have SIBO and want to heal it?


This short course will have a video recording overviewing SIBO, as well as, other common causes of gas & bloating. Common pitfalls in SIBO treatment will be discussed, dietary interventions, and overview of common treatments. 


  • Video module(s)

  • SIBO workbook

  • Food list guidelines

  • Overview of herbal & pharmaceutical protocols

  • Supplement discounts

Homemade Remedies