House Call FAQ

What should I expect from a house call?

I will arrive at your home, office, or assisted living center at your appointment time. Just like in the office, we will discuss your health concerns in depth. Your vital signs and a physical exam will be performed if indicated. If this is a house call for your family member and they have a caregiver, please ensure they are present to ensure all aspects of your loved one’s case history is obtained and communicated.


How is a house call with a Naturopathic Doctor different than with other healthcare practitioners?

My focus with house calls is offering quality naturopathic care for the elderly, disabled, and immunocompromised. Many times these individuals and their families struggle to find ways to improve quality of life, decrease pain, optimize nutrition, and in general have a dedicated doctor “looking out for them” as they navigate aging, complex health conditions, and working with multiple specialists. One of my skill-sets as an ND is helping ‘captain the ship’ to help you and your loved one get the care they need, get proper work-up, offer targeted and individualized naturopathic treatments, and discuss appropriate allopathic therapies when indicated. Telemedicine, while a great tool, is not the same as an in-person healthcare evaluation and doctor-patient relationship-- which is where house calls come in.


What types of patients are seen?

House calls at WNC are geared toward the elderly, disabled, and immunocompromised. The benefit of a house call over a telemedicine visit for these patients is in-person communication and evaluation by a licensed naturopathic doctor. All the better when family members and/or caregivers are present as well!


What is the pricing?

Please call the office at: 480.788.7453 for pricing. 


Do you accept health insurance?

No, we do not accept health insurance. Upon request a superbill with CPT and ICD-10 codes can be provided to you and submitted to insurance. The benefit of working with a naturopathic doctor not governed by the dictates of insurance companies means individualized and targeted care without the ‘red-tape’ of an insurance company. If you’ve already had labs completed by your PCP we can review them together and I will discuss any additional labs I recommend. Sometimes your PCP is willing to order them, otherwise, WNC offers great cash-pay pricing on labs.


If I do an initial appointment as a house call do all follow-up appointments have to be house calls as well?

No, once you’re an established patient of WNC you can come in office, do telemedicine, or do house calls per your preference or the recommendation of your doctor.


Does Dr. Williams test for COVID-19?

No. If you have acute respiratory symptoms (eg fever, cough, nasal discharge, loss of taste and/or smell) or have been exposed to COVID-19 please tell the office and we will direct you where to get testing.


Can I get house call acupuncture?

Yes, house call acupuncture is offered. It is best to schedule it with families or office locations so that multiple people can get treatment at a given time.