Constitutional Hydrotherapy


Constitutional hydrotherapy can help:

  • Increase immune function.

    • Great for patients with acute illness or chronic illness like EBV, Lyme, and mold-related illness.

  • Improve cardiovascular health and poor venous tone.

  • Promote better circulation in all areas of the body.

  • Improve skin tone.

  • Promote vitality and improved energy levels.

  • Improve sleep quality. 

  • Improve autonomic function and response.

  • Increases bowel function and tone.

  • And so much more!

This is a naturopathic therapy used for hundreds of years to help boost immune function and vitality. Hot and cold towels are applied to the abdomen and back in a specific pattern to help stimulate the lymphatic and cardiovascular system, it essentially acts as a therapeutic pump to move immune cells and blood throughout your body. Additionally, exposure to cold applications has significant evidence in bolstering immune response and increasing white blood cell production. This therapy works best in a series of 2-3 treatments per week for 1-2 weeks. Many patients love it so much they get a therapy just to help relax.

I add the use of acupuncture needles on the face and ears to combine the ensure patients are calm, relaxed, and in a parasympathetic state needed for healing. :)

How does it work?

Delving into the science.

You likely have witnessed when someone is exposed to heat or gets into a warm bath that their skin flushes red, this is because their blood vessels have dilated and become engorged with blood. Blood has been drawn to the area of heat and away from other areas in the body. In contrast, when that same area is exposed to cold applications the skin loses its ruddy color. The blood vessels in turn constrict and have decreased perfusion of blood in this area and more flow in other areas. In this fashion of applications of hot and cold a pumping action occurs. 


Within our main arteries there are superficial and deep branches. As hot and cold applications are applied to the skin they cause superficial arteries to vasodilate and vasoconstrict. This in turn causes the deep arteries to constrict when the superficial arteries are dilated and to vasodilate when the superficial arteries are constricted. This in turn promotes increased circulation and blood flow, as well as, movement of the lymphatic system.


Additionally short exposure to cold therapy has been shown to increase overall immune function. When the body is exposed to cold its natural response is to increase its own body temperature, it does this by constricting peripheral vessels, shivering/increasing muscle tone, and decreasing secretion of sweat to help maintain heat. All of this turns on the thermoregulatory systems in the body. The body also increases production of immune cells and immune messengers in response to cold exposure.