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What is it?

A therapy used for thousands of years where needles are placed in the skin for 20-30 minutes to provide relief of a variety of health concerns. It's now been well studied to show improvement in GI issues, menstrual irregularities, and stress relief. It’s known as an “energy medicine” as it known to help move Qi. Qi is a term to describe the innate vitality and life force within us all. It can be likened to prana in Ayurvedic medicine or the vital force in old school naturopathic medicine. And in a more modern sense, the very essence that separates life from death, the veil, the essence of realness that causes our cells to continue their action & oxygenation that perfuses our body and health. It is Qi. Acupuncture influences where it flows in the body.

Benefits of this therapy:
  • Improved sense of well-being

  • Improved sleep, help w/ insomnia

  • Decreased menstrual pain, helps w/ female health

  • Improved gut health, helpful in gas, bloating, and poor digestion

  • Increased state of calm & relaxation

  • Decreased pain- helpful in chronic pain, back pain, autoimmune disease

  • Helpful to improve immune function

  • Promotes parasympathetic state which helps overall healing

  • Excellent adjunctive therapy alongside naturopathic medicine & conventional therapies

  • And much more!

The approach-

When I was in naturopathic medical school in Arizona, where I learned acupuncture, we were taught with Traditional Chinese methods of needling. While this is effective, I’ve found that most Americans, or people in the US, respond better to a gentler style of needling like acupuncture used in Japan. The Qi is believed to rise to the needle placed gently at the surface rather than placed deeper in the skin. 


Furthermore, each needling protocol is individualized per the patient and their needs. If there is a protocol that works most effectively for you it will likely be repeated at regular visits and altered depending on your response.

Image by Katherine Hanlon
What to expect?
  • Each session is 45 minutes, which is longer than most practices, to allow for you to sit longer with the needles as this offers the best overall treatment & results.

  • The needles are very thin and most people do not feel them once placed. More sensitive areas like the face, hands, and feet may be more sensitive when the needles are first placed and then this sensation passes. Needles will never be kept in place if you are experiencing discomfort.

  • After a short acupuncture intake needles will be placed & you will be lying down with them in for about 25-30 minutes. 

  • Sound healing w/ a singing bowl and chime is also offered to help with relaxation. 

  • After your treatment you may feel more tired and/or relaxed, some people feel a sense of euphoria afterward or can have an emotional release (eg crying, feeling tearful), and others don't necessarily feel any immediate response but this doesn't mean the acupuncture hasn't worked.

Ready to Schedule?

Schedule INITIAL ACUPUNCTURE visit below.

(60 min, $185)

Schedule FOLLOW-UP ACUPUNCTURE visit below.

(30-45 min, $115)


Save with purchase of an acupuncture package!

Package of 5 follow-up acupuncture visits. ($525, save $50)

Package of 10 follow-up acupuncture visits. ($1050, save $150)

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